Cedar Rapids IA dentist Dr. Kate Milden specializes in creating and maintaining removable dentures for patients. Dentures give patients the confidence to smile and eat. They can even improve the overall shape of your face and jaw line. Use these smart strategies to make your dentures last—observing these simple care procedures will help ensure that you won’t have to pay for a new replacement for a long time. 

Brush them Regularly
You should be brushing and caring for your dentures just as you would care for your teeth. In fact, you should care for them even more. DenturesCedar Rapids IA dentist Dr. Milden recommends that you remove and rinse your dentures after eating and drinking to ensure that food particles don’t degrade the surface. They are made of a material that can corrode and weaken over time. 

Soak them Every Night
It’s best to remove your dentures at night and soak them if you want them to last. A good soaking in a denture cleaning solution like Efferdent will help remove bacteria that may have developed on the surface during the course of your day. Remember to rinse them off in cool water before putting them back in each morning.

Have them Adjusted at the Dentist
Cedar Rapids IA dentist Dr. Milden can make adjustments to your dentures to ensure that they fit and look their best. If you have any discomfort while wearing them or when chewing your food, schedule an appointment to have them examined. A simple relining or resurfacing may help preserve the integrity of the dentures.

Don’t Ever Wrap them in Tissue
One of the most common ways that people lose their dentures (and are forced to get a replacement) is by accidentally throwing them in the trash. This most often happens when you make the mistake of wrapping them in tissue instead of putting them in a proper case. Make it a point to always carry your case along with you so that you won’t be tempted to set them aside in a napkin.

Talk to Dr. Milden About Denture Care
If you are having a problem with your current dentures, want to learn more strategies for preserving them or are considering getting new partial or full dentures, get in touch with Cedar Rapids IA dentist Dr. Katie Milden today. With proper maintenance dentures can last for many years without replacement. Call her office at (319) 365-9105 or visit http://www.drkatiemilden.com to make an online appointment request.